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Auricular acupuncture at Essential Bodyworks

Auricular-acupuncture Treatment details

Price: £38 for 45 mins
Auricular acupuncture has origins within traditional Chinese medicine, and the 5 point protocol was pioneered in the 1970s by Dr Michael Smith of the Lincoln Hospital in New York. The treatment focuses on five specific acupuncture points in the ears.

Auricular acupuncture Benefits

  • Greatly reduces cravings
  • Increasing focus and vitality
  • Reducing stress levels and balances strong emotions
  • Decreasing anxiety levels and calms the nerves
  • Helping addictions including foods(can benefit dieting), alcohol and smoking
  • Alleviates withdrawal symptoms of addictive substances
  • No harmful side effects
  • Safe along side medical treatment
  • Is a very relaxing treatment

The sessions have no side effects and are compatible when following any other treatment programme.

The treatment is helpful in assisting with stress management.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the points used correspond to ‘yin’ organs, which are nurturing, restorative and supportive. These ‘yin’ organs deal with the restoration of energy. In western medicine, the kidney, liver and lung are organs of elimination, and are involved in the process of detoxification and cleansing. It is therefore a treatment which supports detoxification and the associated changes within the body, as well as helping to bring calm to both mind and body.

What do the 5 point acupuncture points do?

Sympathetic point: Alleviates stress

  • responds to fight or flight autonomic response
  • good for night sweats and hot flushes
  • helps with muscle spasms and intestinal cramps

Shen men point: Alleviates anxiety

  • controls nervousness
  • general relaxing effect
  • spirit heart into balance for conscious self
  • relaxation point
  • strong connection with heart / heart energy problems
  • indicated for high blood pressure
  • good for hypersensitivity
  • calming
  • good for insomnia
  • relaxation point

Kidney point: Alleviates toxicity in kidneys

  • strengthens kidney function
  • source/root of energy
  • related to life force and longevity
  • deals with deep aspect of ourselves
  • fear associated with kidney energy
  • fear, anguish and paranoia give rise to awareness and gentleness

Liver point: Rules the flow of qi (vital force, ki, prana)

  • alleviates toxicity in blood and liver
  • this energy keeps everything running smoothly
  • stabilises impulsive behaviors and associated moods
  • anger is associated with liver energy
  • anger, rage and depression give rise to balance and kindness
  • for blurred vision
  • helps tendons and ligaments, stiffness and soreness of limbs
  • indicated for convulsions
  • period problems
  • abdominal swelling

Lung point: Rules the life force qi

  • alleviates toxicity in the immune system
  • indicated for respiration and skin function
  • a nourishing organ
  • the balance of the life force
  • sadness associated with lung energy
  • sadness and grief give rise to courage and hope
  • stimulates strength of lungs
  • helps with breathing problems
  • helps to regulate body temperature
  • indicated for night sweats
  • indicated for skin problems


The treatment is a detox, stress reducer and energy builder all in one.
A course of 6 weekly treatments is recommended for long lasting effective results.

This is a complete treatment programme with proven results

How to book your auricular acupuncture

Contact us to book a auricular acupuncture treatment

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