Shiatsu Treatment Details

Relax and Rebalance – Shiatsu is a form of traditional Japanese bodywork that stimulates the Body’s natural healing ability by applying gently acupressure to points across the body.

Your treatment will be carried out by Alex and will be tailored to your individual health needs according to Oriental Medicine principles. A variety of techniques will be applied to facilitate energy flow. These may include gently holding, pressing of the palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and feet on the meridians and when appropriate, more dynamic rotations and stretches.

Guidelines for Treatment

Please bring or wear loose, warm comfortable clothing, preferably natural fibres such as cotton and socks.

Avoid heavy meals, caffeine and alcohol 24 hours prior to treatment but drink plenty of water to facilitate the smooth flow of energy.

Your practitioner generally works with you on a comfortable mat on the floor. Some sessions may be worked on a treatment couch depending on what is needed or what the you can manage for your mobility.

Feel alive, rebalanced and revived – feeling is believing!