Gut Transformation Programme

When was the last time that you felt really well?

Your body is your vehicle so we should take good care as its the only place you have to live for the rest of your life.

This is a 6 week programme to reset your whole digestive system which is the main source of your entire immune function.

Gut health is the very foundation of overall good health. A functional medicine approach to gut health can be divided into 5 components and this gut transformation programme provides the framework through which to support these in a step-by-step process. It is a great starting point for anyone wanting to improve their health right from the foundation up and can be adapted to suit individual requirements.

This indepth 6 week programme covers a comprehensive dive into digest health. You do not have to have any health issues to benefit from improving your digestive health and giving your system a cleanse as well as a boost. With the strain on the body from todays’ modern lifestyles, this programme will help to address some of the burdens that may be affecting your overall health as well as helping to detoxify your digestive system and rebalance it. This is one of the best programmes for supporting your immune system and preparing you for the challenges of winter to make your immune function more robust and equipped for seasonal flu challenges.

Why do the gut programme?

The programme is based upon the 5 R’s

  1. Remove any potential harmful micro-organisms which may be residing in your gut. Stripping back the diet of commonly known foods that are problematic to the gut and may be burdening your system. Follow a nutrient rich whole food diet with easy to follow recipes to allow the gut time to heal and restore optimal function.
  2. Replace and support your digestive enzymes to help your body to fully digest the foods you eat. Sometimes our digestive enzyme function can get depleted through a multiude of  diet and lifestyle factors which we will address during this programme.
  3. Re-incolute your beneficial bacteria. Having a diverse microbiome is responsible for 70% of your immune function and for the manufacture of many of our vitamins. Having a good plant rich varied diet provides beneficial prebiotic fibres which feed your good bacteria. We also encourage fermented food and drinks and provide easy recipes to making your own. This s a sure way to support your gut immune health.
  4. Repair the gut wall (mucosa). Often we can end up with a ‘leaky gut’ through endo toxins in our foods, water supply, certain medications, environmental toxins and other lifestile factors. This can cause other systemic health problems and lead to auto immune diseases, allergies, and many of todays modern diseases. Using simple easy to follow recipes and supplements within the programme to help to heal the gut wall and protect it from further damage is an important part of the gut transformation programme.
  5. Retain the nutrients and gut bacteria and enjoy a new level of gut immune health. Getting rid of harmful foods and unwanted habits is addressed so that you can leave the programme better equipped to manage and look after your gut health.

Whether you suffer from acid reflux, a feeling of fullness after meals, IBS, bloating, excessive gas, constipation and/or diarrhoea, this programme will help you identify some of the root causes and help you on your journey to better health.

Once you sign up to the programme, you will be sent your kit which is a boxed programme in readiness for the live event. Each week you will be invited to a Zoom meeting where we will take your through a stap by step education programme for restpring your gut health and address some of the causes through diet, environment and lifestyle factors which can impede our gut immune function. You will also be invited to join our closed WhatsApp grough where we can share additional recipes and support each other to make the programme fully inclusive, fun and interactive.

Programme includes a comprehensive pack of recipes, shopping resources and all the supplements to last for the 6 weeks and is supported by 30 minute weekly live Zoom Sessions and group support ina a fun, lively and interactive way.

How to book

Visit our diary section to book forthcoming dates or contact us to discuss your suitability or booking a one-on-one session.

We can also take credit/debit card payments over the telephone if you prefer. Please call 01782 938538.