Reiki Healing

Reiki Treatment Details

Reiki (pronounced Ray key) is an effect system of natural healing for the whole body and mind. By gently placing the healers hands on specific energy points and areas of imbalance, healing energy is drawn into your body. A feeling of radiating warmth is often experienced and a deep feeling of relaxation and peace to the whole self.

Healing crystals may be added to this treatment to enhance the whole treatment experience. Both Crystals and Reiki have the ability to restore balance to the physical and spiritual bodies by restoring light and energy to the chakras and energy field.

They cleanse the aura of negative and stagnant energy to rebalance the chakras to enable the energy (chi) to move freely again. This nourishes the spiritual and physical bodies of a person through the organs, glands and every cell of your being. Negative energy feels heavy resulting in us feeling weighed down. Clients often report a feeling of lightness in body and mind.

The benefits of Reiki Healing can treat a wide range of health conditions. It helps to lighten the whole self – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually!

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