Iridology Treatment Details

A non-invasive health assessment!

The eyes are often described as the windows to our soul. Iridology or iris diagnosis as it is often called is a method used to analyse the health status by studying colours, markings and signs in the iris, pupil, and sclera of the eye. If you look closely at the iris (the coloured part surrounding the pupil) in someone’s eye you will see a pattern of colours, textures and markings unique to that person.

Together these features form a map, a blueprint, which may give an Iridologist valuable information about a person’s inherited strengths and weaknesses and general state of well-being. Many illnesses occur because of an organ or system imbalance – for instance headaches can be the result of liver dysfunction – and iridology may help to reveal such causes. Toxicity in the body and certain food intolerance and nutritional deficiencies can also be indicated.

Iridology can be seen as a preventative tool helping you to understand and optimise your health to its fullest potential. Iris analysis is not used to directly diagnose specific illnesses, but it is used, together with other information gained during the consultation, to help to decide upon the best course of action to take. Iris examination is simple, painless and non-invasive. Illuminated lenses are used so that the markings and colours in each iris can be more easily seen and analysed, and usually photographs of the eyes are taken so that the findings can be clearly shown and explained to the patient.

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