Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage Lomi Lomi massage, originating from the Hawaiian Islands, is a unique and ancient form of bodywork that goes beyond physical relaxation to encompass mental and spiritual well-being. It incorporates long, flowing strokes that mimic the rhythmic movements of the ocean waves, aiming to release tension and promote harmony within the body. Forearms, palms, and fingers are used to apply both gentle and firm pressure. The continuous, fluid strokes help to improve circulation, release muscle tension, and enhance joint flexibility. The nurturing touch and rhythmic movements can induce a profound state of relaxation, reducing stress and promoting mental clarity.
The holistic nature of the practice allows you to let go of negative energy and emotions, fostering a sense of renewal and revitalisation throughout your whole mind, body and spirit.

This treatment is offered at both a 60 and 90 minute treatment.

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