IBS and Bloating. Causes and Solutions

There are lots of causes of IBS and Bloating. I want to help you eliminate the main causes so here goes…

  • Drink your water 30 mins before all meals and not with meals (you will avoid diluting your digestive juices that weaken your digestive system as a whole). A pint of water is the ideal and if you can’t do this much increase this gradually start with half pints.
  • To calm gut reactions, it is good to eliminate large protein foods that stick to the gut wall causing gut permeability (leaky gut). Eliminate dairy and gluten grains and take slippery elm at bedtime along with a good quality probiotic after breakfast for 3 months whilst your gut heals.
  • Don’t eat fruit immediately after main meals. Fruit digests within minutes whereas a fish or chicken salad or sandwich takes up to 4 hours. The fruit will cause fermentation, gas and bloating and make you feel uncomfortable. Try eat fruit either 20 mins before or in between meals.
  • Avoid those yoghurt drinks! If you want to increase your gut bacteria, take a good quality probiotic supplement and keep changing the strains to grow a diverse microbiome. Your gut bacteria is responsible for up to 85% of your immune health!
  • Consider a colonic irrigation treatment with ozone therapy to reset your gut environment so that you start with the right clean, decongested environment. Remember, you can’t grow grass on concrete!
  • Take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar ten minutes before all meals to strengthen your gastric juices. Many acid reflux sufferers have low stomach acid and are dehydrated.
  • Keep red meat to a minimum as this sits in your large bowel fermenting, causing gas, bloating and IBS symptoms. Opt for other protein sources such as quinoa (an easily digestible protein), free range chicken (where possible) and oily fish. It has been medically proven that a high red meat consumption is a direct cause of bowel cancer as it changes the bowel lining.
  • Consider colon hydrotherapy to clean the bowel for better digestion. Ozone therapy helps eliminate the bad bacteria and can be added into the treatment for optimal benefits, leaving you with a flatter calmer tummy.
  • If taking Proton pump inhibiting medication long term, this can cause digestive conditions such as SIBO and candida. There are tests we can do to determine if you have these conditions so that we can address the causes.
  • Chew your food (your stomach has no teeth!) All digestion must start in the mouth where saliva produces digestive enymes to break down your food if you chew 20 to 30 times until its liquid. If eating a soup or smoothie, still chew this to release the enzymes for digestion. Chew slowly, take your time to allow the hormone Leptin to be released so that you feel sufficiently full (this takes 20 minutes so slow down).